If you have Googled yourself (and you should--go ahead, I'll wait...), you may have been shocked to learn you are not the only one with your name. I know I was. The nerve! It turns out there is a Wendy Levine who is a photographer, another who is a marketing manager and at least two psychiatrists. But I am not them. I am...not that Wendy Levine. So, which one am I?

I am Wendy Levine the writer, editor, broadcaster and speaker. I am the Wendy Levine who does not surf the web at work; does not answer my cell phone while I am having a conversation, does not Twitter about what I had for breakfast, does not forward stupid emails to everyone I know. Why? Because I am the Wendy Levine who knows that we are individuals with different tastes and opinions and no time to waste on what does not interest us.

And I am here to help.

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